Industries Served

We serve a wide range of industries spanning across the globe. Our global reach has not only helped us remain an industry leader, but has given us invaluable experience leading to company growth.

  • Medical, Diagnostic & Test Equipment
  • Business Machines & Office Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Science & Education
  • Consumer Products
  • Military & Firearms
  • Interior Design & Furniture
  • Telecommunications

From medical equipment to FDA-approved food service tools, to archery products, we support a wide range of industries with high-quality products, economical pricing, and on-time deliveries thanks to our varying capabilities.

With RIM, which is ideal for lower volumes and economical tooling, we have molded mechanical features such as screw inserts, glass windows and metal stiffeners. RIM is also the preferred process for high temperature resistance and insulation applications. Still capable of producing large parts, RIM has been utilized for the “outer skins” on medical diagnostic equipment, X-Ray machines, office machines, and more.

Our Injection Molding capability typically requires a higher volume of product with complex shapes, but because it can utilize a variety of different materials with presses ranging from 17 to 500 tons, we can produce a variety of various size parts.

EPM has been in business for 50 years and has kept up with the latest technologies, while still maintaining the true craftsmanship that has made us an industry leader. Our experienced team works quickly and efficiently to get your product done on time. Our unique process and rapid turnaround rate has proved to be successful, and has lent to our company’s success over the past half-century.

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